Welcome to my private blog. I'm Manuel Mauky, living in the small town Görlitz in the east of germany.

I'm working as a software developer at Saxonia Systems AG where I deal with all parts of application development but with a focus on the frontend. I was working with techniques from the JavaEE stack (CDI, JSF, JPA) and have also done a lot of JavaFX and JavaScript.

While Java is my "main" programming language I'm using other programming languages too. One of my favorite languages is JavaScript (with ECMAScript 2015/16/17 features). What I like about the JavaScript community is that they don't hesitate to rethink old "best practises" and to find new ways of thinking about applications. And sometimes this leads to really interesting new technologies like React, Redux and GraphQL.

Another programming language that I was falling in love with is Haskell. Learning it was invaluable because I've learned so many things about language design, semantics of programming languages and programming in general. However, I'm not good enough to build real programms in Haskell.

I'm also a fan of functional programming and am interested in connected topics like category theory.

Besides my job I was studying at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitzand finished with a masters degree in computer science. My favorite subjects at the university were theoretical computer science and concepts of software development. The topic of my master thesis was "Über die Kombination von CQRS undReactive Programming" (engl. "About the combination of CQRS and Reactive Programming") in which I explored how you can implement the "Command Query Responsibility Segregation" architecture pattern with techniques from the "reactive programming" programming paradigm.

In this blog I'm writing about software development with a focus on functional programming, JavaScript, Java EE and JavaFX.

You can find my projects on my github account:

I'm a founding member, coordinator and regular speaker at the Java User Group Görlitz. I'm also speaking at other meet-ups and conferences.

You can also find me on Twitter: @manuel_mauky.